Public Education

We are thrilled to have the endorsement of PSEA. PSEA is a community of education professionals who make a difference in the lives of students every day.

Help elect a leader who will fund education.

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Endorsed by PSEA, I am a proud graduate of the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District. My mother was a teacher for several years at Radnor High School. I have taught at several public universities. I understand the value of public education, and I am committed to making sure every child in our state has access to quality public schools.

We in the 157th District are lucky enough to have some of Pennsylvania’s best schools, but there are many Pennsylvanians who are not so lucky. In the legislature, I will work tirelessly to increase education funding, free our students from restrictive standardized tests, support our teachers’ independence, and adapt our schools to meet the needs of the 21st Century. I also believe we should increase funding and access to vocational training.

Too many Harrisburg politicians put public education first on the chopping block, and I’ve had enough. Our leaders need to support our students and public schools. I promise you that I will.

I am proud to announce an endorsement from PSEA-PACE, the political arm of the PA State Education Association. PSEA represents over 181,000 members and serves over 1.5 million school children. Protecting public education is a cornerstone of my campaign. As a product of my district’s public schools, I know the value of a good public education. In the legislature, I’ll fight to make sure our schools are properly funded and to make sure every Pennsylvania kid gets the public education he or she deserves. I’ll fight against harmful bills that hurt our schools, like my opponent’s HB 1213 - a bill which would strip billions of dollars from our already underfunded schools.

Thank you, PSEA!

From former teacher and current TE School Board member Kyle Boyer: "I know Melissa will be a tireless advocate in Pennsylvania's legislature for more funding for public education."
"Melissa and I are both products of the public schools, and she knows best how to represent the interests of the community." - TE School Board Member Heather Ward